Wednesday, June 2, 2010

just a note to say...

image from weheartit

dear weekend,
i am glad you have arrived. i always love your visits.

dear firefly,
how did you get in the house last night? i enjoyed watching you as you flew around the living room and it reminded me of the summer nights my brother, sister, and i would catch fireflies like yourself in mason jars.

dear last night's margarita,
you pair nicely with episodes of The Desperate Housewives of New York (as she licks her lips)

dear fried egg on toast,
you have been my go to breakfast for several days now; and yet, i have not grown tired of you. (as she licks her lips again)

dear hazelnut coffee,
you are lovely.

dear early june morning,
you are so peaceful. i wish you would last longer (this way i wouldn't feel so terrible about having my third and fourth cup of hazelnut coffee)

dear amos lee pandora station,
you make cleaning the house, organizing, laundry, and ironing enjoyable.

dear husband,
thank you for working so hard for us. i love you.


Regena said...

My mom told me about your blog and I spent about an hour catching up. You are adorable!


Regena said...

My mom told me about your blog and I had to check it out. I spent about an hour reading it! You are adorable!