Thursday, May 6, 2010


i have been busy as a bee lately. and, i have so much to share.
  • a couple of weeks ago the hubs ran in the country music marathon. he looked so dreamy as he whizzed past. i am so proud of him and everyone else who participated -some 30 odd thousand! you go people; way to get your run on!

(i pirated the top photo- thanks marathon ;
and the photo on the bottom was taken as the hubs ran on the boulevard.)
  • as you may know, sweet nashville received quite a bit of rain (pictures to come next week)
  • we are continuing our search for a home- lots of things to consider.
  • i finished up the semester today- sigh. so nice to have a break- first summer session doesn't begin until june- one class left to go in my masters coursework- feels so good.
  • my dear friend em is getting married this summer and the girls are going out on the town this weekend. it is so fun to purchase lingerie for brides to be. have fun girls and be safe.
  • and, today the hubs and i are heading to the beach for a much needed weekend getaway.

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Stacey said...

aw! Look at Ben! So proud of him...backwards running and all, he's got skillz!

Have an amazing time at the beach, y'all deserve a break!