Thursday, February 11, 2010

live music

last night the hubs and i enjoyed the music of michael franti and john mayor. there is nothing like live music. live shows are so great because of the relationship between the artist and the crowd; there is a sort of give a take- the greatest shows are when the artist can match the feeling of the crowd. last night was one such show.
michael franti was unreal last night. he roamed throughout the crowd (i should note that he was barefoot) singing, dancing, encouraging people to "feel the music." for one number, he asked that kids in the crowd join him on stage. i was grinning from ear to ear. he most definitely will be remembered and loved by those kids for a long time. having been familiar with spearhead before last night, i knew that you do not sit and take in the music, but rather you get up and feel alive; you move. this is how i like to enjoy shows; so, with my aisle seat (lots of room to bounce, nod, feel the beat) i was a dancing fool

john mayor played an amazing set complete with covers of fleetwood mac, bruce springsteen, and eric clapton. now, it should be noted that most of john mayor's fans are teenage girls who shrieked between every song and sang every word to each song- except the before mentioned covers- sad-no?
still, i appreciate the enthusiasm they carried throughout the show and so did john (i feel as though i know him well enough to refer to him as just john). john declared that we- nashville- sounded beautiful and that he was not surprised. he says nashville always sings beautifully. he commented that a lot of us probably have record deals- ha!
i have heard artists say this before. dave barnes, while playing this summer at 'live on the green' in downtown nashville said that he could hear the harmonies of the crowd. he then continued to impersonate a music lover from nashville; he put his finger in his hear and hummed the key of the song before singing along- hilarious!

my personal favorites of the night were the cover of "crossroads" and "comfortable" which i thought started off the valentine weekend perfectly. the love ben and i share is most definitely gray sweatpants, no makeup- so perfect, broken-in kind of love.

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LisaStinnett said...

I am sooo John Mayer.
And I love you! Hope you're doing well, Kitzie poo!