Wednesday, December 9, 2009

just a note to say...

dear christmas tree,
you sure are thirsty

dear flannel sheets,
thanks for keeping me so snug

dear fireplace,
i think it is about time we put you to use

dear smart wool socks,
you are the greatest; my toes especially appreciate you on this cold morning

dear hat, scarf, and coat,
please keep me toasty today while i run errands

dear state capital tree,
you poor thing; i am sure you will be upright in no time
(the big tree in front of the capital fell over last night because of the crazy wind)

dear yoga mat,
i know, i know

dear friends,
i am looking forward to our dinner date tonight

naomi from rockstardiaries sometimes writes little letters; i like the idea- so, just a note to say...

1 comment:

Hodge Podge said...

i was about to ask if you read rockstar diaries but then i saw her on your blog roll

ps looking forward to tonight too