Monday, September 1, 2008

Hey Mon, No Problem, Everything's Arie- Our Honeymoon in Jamaica

Here is my husband, of less than 36 hours, sleeping. We left Dickson at 3am to catch our flight out of Nashville at 7am. So, Ben is a bit tired. Sweet eye mask, right? While he sleeps, I listen to husband's I-Touch trying to calm my nerves. I am not the greatest passenger. I have terrible motion sickness. I feel ill in a car, on a boat, on a rollercoaster, and of course on a plane. Still, that is what Drugs are for- right? The Drugs do work, most often I just fall asleep. I am calm until we begin our descend. My ears pop- it is soooo painful. I cry most times. It can be so frustrating to be in such pain while everyone else calmly reads their books and magazines. Who is screaming through their tears?- Just me and the baby in seat 23 C.
I know to chew gum, swallow, suck on candy- all these do make it better. Still, I wonder what is it about my ears that makes the pain unbearable? Do I have thin eardrums, too much wax, or too little? Let me know if you have any thoughts.
Okay, fast forward... We landed in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Once we arrived in Jamaica, we were greeted with "Hey Mon!" and offered red stripes. Quite the greeting- right? Ben and I are eager to arrive and get settled in our suite. This is us on the bus; it is an hour and a half bus ride through Jamaica'a countryside to our resort-next stop Dunns River

We were thrilled to finally see our suite. Very nice- King Size Bed, nice linens, tile bathroom, refrigerater stocked with bottled water, pineapple juice, apple juice, orange juice, rum and
DIET COKE- yah!!
Once we visited our room- We thought it would be nice to order a drink and take a walk along the beach. I ordered a Jamaican Smile and Ben ordered a Rum Runner- Yummy!

We enjoyed our time in the hottub. This hottub was huge! It could easily seat 40 people just around the perimeter. After time in the water, Husband and I cleaned ourselves up for dinner on the beach. Our table was literally just a few steps from the water. We ate dinner while listening to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. I love that sound- Who doesn't, right? During dinner we were entertained with fire breathing, dance offs, limbo, and plate balancing- so cool. Ben and I returned to our room to call it a night. We were welcomed with a sweet turn down service. The radio was on, playing sweet music, the lights were dimmed, we had fresh warm towels, and our sheets were turned down. What a great first day.
There is more to come-Stayed tuned for our next couple of days in Jamaica.

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