Saturday, August 2, 2008

Busy as a Bee

Ben and I have been so busy the past week. We have moved from Knoxville Tennessee to Durham North Carolina. We emptied our Knox homes and left the key- kind of sad, right? We arrived in Durham Monday afternoon and after many many trips from the Suburban, several heavy loads, it seemed an endless number of wedding gifts- I am not complaining although it may read that way, all of our things were finally in our home. Granola Boy and I were up all night hanging pictures, arranging and then rearranging furniture, carefully putting away the china in the china cabinet- Did you read that Ben, Benny Boo Boo Boo? We put china in the CHINA cabinet, not books.

On Tuesday, we hit Duke campus to write them a check. Ben said it was the largest sum of money he has ever writen to one thing. Before Duke, it was my engagement ring. Are you wondering how I responded?
Later that afternoon,Ben and I made our way to downtown Durham to the City County building where we met Tonya. I was hoping to find a job well suited for me in the Durham County Public School System. Tonya was very encouraging and saw me fit for several teaching positions. Once Ben and I return from Jamaica, I interview. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. My fingers are crossed that I may find a school that welcomes and teaches me.

This week, I will try and remain chill. I have seven days until I am Mrs. Benjamin Alan Shepard.
Sunday- Granola Boy and I wrap up our pre-marital counseling. This week's discussion- sex and in-laws
Monday- I pick up THE DRESS! Get Marriage License
Tuesday- Pedicure Appointment with Mom, Pick up Programs
Wednesday- Meeting with the Photographer, Pick up Wedding Bands- Gorgeous by the way
Thursday- Manicure Appointment with Mom,Have we finished Thank you cards?, pick up Bridal Party Gifts
Friday- Bridal Party Breakfast- of which I made the invitations- TOOT TOOT! Rehearsal Dinner, Pack for HONEYMOON
Saturday- Wake up -eat a large Breakfast so as not to Pass Out during the Ceremony
Hair Appointment with the De Vinci of hair- My mother
Church at 3
Ceremony at 7- Holy Guacamole- I am a MRS!!!!!!!

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Hodge Podge said...

aaahhh! I'm so excited, I can't wait! Good luck with all your stuff this week and I'll see you Friday Mrs. Shepard!