Saturday, July 5, 2008

Preschool Red as Lady Liberty

This past week the children have been emersed in Fourth of July stories, songs, and traditions.
We created Red, White, and Blue art, sang yankee doodle, dressed as the statue of liberty, and acted as fireworks- so fun to watch.
The children and I discussed how favorite independence day traditions- we agreed that fireworks are at the top of the list as to the best. Sydney announced fireworks "too loud and so beautiful"
I instructed the children to pretend as if he or she were fireworks. First, each child declared what color he/she would be. Then, each of us as a group jumped into the air yelling BOOOMMMM! and BBAAAANNNNGGGG! as we fell back to the floor we fiiiiizzzzlllllleeded and sizzzzzzlllled.
After singing Happy Birthday to AMERICA the class wore their lady liberty crowns and held thier torches high. Great Photo Opportunity- Right?
Preschool Red is quite possible the most patriotic class in Knoxville- Thanks to the efforts of Miss Kitzie and Miss Angela. This is me tooting my horn- "toot, toot"

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