Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Love is in the Air

The happy couple
Thanks so much to friends and family for showing your love and support. Ben and I are thrilled to begin our lives together- right Ben? We had a great time at our party Friday night. The food was yummy! The house was lovely. The tunes were perfect. The atmosphere was one of great joy. Mrs. Sherri, Mrs. Nancy, Mrs. Neida, Mrs. Ginger, and Mrs. Jeana- you are so thoughtful. Thanks again. Oh, and if the toasts continue to be insightful, adoring, and encouraging, my little sister may pass out. She was a wreck. I love you Sister!
me and my little sister
my big brother (on the left) and jesse
Perfect Angels- Emma Grace (on the left) and Charleston Mae- Who knew my Big Brother could make such beautiful girls

My Momma Rocks! She has worked her tail on this wedding-
God Bless You momma; I love you!

Here are the amazing ladies who threw this perfect party. They call themselves a sewing club. My mother is a member and she sews quite well. She has made numerous dresses for my sister and me.
Still, I will let you in on a little secret. When they get together- they do not sew. Ginger will tell you that are working on completing a quilt. Really Mrs. Ginger? How much sewing goes on in the back of a limo or in a crowded restaurant? Have no fear- I doubt your hubbies will be reading my blog.

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