Monday, July 7, 2008

I am learning how to create more interesting blogs-
We will find if I am able to conquer this technology crap- I am notorious for not be technologically advanced. My roommates just commented on how I did not have a cell phone until I was 27 years old. So funny- You two are just hysterical. Oh, and by the way I will refer to you as "Chef" and "Goes out for Lunch"
I am only 24; and, I got my first cell phone TWO years ago. I know, right! Well, yeah, I am blogging before you! That's right!

Let's see if I get this adding music thing down.

And, so I have not mastered the adding of music. Go ahead roomies- laugh it up. I will retire for the evening. Still, I will get back to the blogging tomorrow. Perhaps by then, sister will have figured this out for me. Well see. Stayed Tuned.
Please take note on what I have mastered- FONT COLOR!

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