Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I love spending the day on the water, drinking ice cold bottled coors light- quite specific, huh- dripping with sweat only to be relieved by diving into the lake, eating barbeque and watermelon, and finally spending the night watching fireworks and getting eaten up by mosqitoes. Well, this is exactly how Ben and I spent our Independence Day this year. We headed down to Winchester Tennessee to stay the weekend at his grandparents lake house. Thanks MO and Pat.

Thursday night we ate hot dogs, played beer pong, and spent several hours in the hot tub. Friday morning we awoke to the smell of Mrs. Pat and Uncle Ricky slaving over blueberry pancakes- totally bombed on my south beach eating this weekend. With our bellies full and Ben's entire body smothered in sunscreen we headed to Turtle Cove.

Mr. Turtle and his family have been visiting the Shepard family for years- He loves the Harvest Chedder Sun Chips Aunt Donna and Sue give him.

Ben and I were up for the challenge Uncle Ricky gave regarding the tube and whether or not Ben and I could stay on and for just how long- Well, we lost.

I binged all day on chips, watermelon, strawberries, oreos, barbeque, and beer.

The fireworks were a great end to the day. I love the huge gold ones that BANG into many flashes and then fizzle from each flash- Does that Make Sense?- Anyway-

Ben and headed back to Dickson today after grabbing a cup o joe to go from san miguels in the Winchester Square.

Now, back to reality- WEDDING WEDDING WEDDING- 5 WEEKS!

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