Thursday, June 16, 2011

cannot wait


my mother and i are heading to south florida this weekend to visit my younger sister. i have been thinking about what to pack for awhile now. our time will be spent laying out by the pool, gabbing non-stop, eating cuban food, shopping, and no doubt making wonderful memories.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

happy birthday

to my wonderful husband

to celebrate-
dinner at rose peppers with friends
followed by cupcakes from this recipe
and to end a locally made gift (read this- amazing craftsmanship)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

just a note to say...

dear readers,
happy cinco de mayo! the hubs and i will be cheering on the predators tonight, so, we have plans to have an early quick margarita before heading downtown.

dear cinco de mayo,
chips and salsa, margaritas, summer just around the corner-what's not to love?

dear self,
brush your shoulders off. those shrimp tacos with lime and cilantro served in warm tortillas you made were lip smacking good.

dear april,
can you believe i did not post one single blog all month long? it wasn't as if nothing noteworthy happened, posting just took a back seat.

dear stagger lee,
he is just a garden gnome. no need to tuck your tail and bark with such fear and apprehension.

dear readers,
video of stagger lee and garden gnome coming soon- really funny

dear stagger lee,
i just realized this may be the first time i have written about you and you have been with us for nearly a month now. you deserve better.

dear elyse,
thanks so much for sharing your beautiful day with me- it was a lovely wedding. cannot wait to see you ( as a mrs.) next weekend.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy st. patricks day

J Crew denim jeans
$70 -

Seychelles platform high heels
$70 -

PEONY leather tote bag
$148 -

Hoop earring
$88 -

$148 -

just a note to say...

dear readers,
happy st. patrick's day!

dear home,
you look completely different and just lovely- it is amazing the difference a fresh coat of paint to base boards, crown moldings, trim, and ceiling can do to a room.

dear murphy's oil soap,
i love the way you smell- you take me back to spring cleaning (who am i kidding- every saturday cleaning) with my mother.

dear husband,
we make a good team. i am amazed at how easily we chose our new paint colors. and, we made excellent choices if i do say so myself- toot, toot.
oh, and i am capable of mowing the back yard- you just get the mower started and prepared to be proven wrong.

dear wisteria,
where are the bar stools we ordered? 3 1/2 months back order- really?

dear neighbors,
here's to porch sitting, beer drinking, and building new friendships.

dear shade grass seed,
i am counting on you to grow, grow, grow. i did my part: raking dead grass and leaves, and then raking again, spreading the seed by hand, and watering. now you do yours.

dear breakfast nook,
i have wanted to lay hardwood floors since the day we moved in- rather, since we first saw this house and knew it should be ours- and, today it is happening. ah woo hoo!

dear stephanie,
i am so excited to have lunch with you this afternoon followed by antique shopping.

dear friends old and new,
we cannot wait until saturday evening. we cannot wait for great conversation, sitting by the fire, and corn hole

Sunday, February 27, 2011





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